Marine & Maritime

Dorset is a leading force in clean propulsion, security and yacht manufacturing with a significant share of marine manufacturing jobs in Southwest England. The sector employs 4000 people in Dorset alone and contributes £220 million to the local economy. The Marine and Maritime sector has seen 6% GVA growth over the past five years. This prominence positions Dorset as a prime destination for businesses seeking diverse R&D opportunities and a robust supply chain, known internationally for its superior quality goods and services. The region’s maritime sector is a crucial component of its economy, continuously contributing to its growth.

Marine businesses are drawn to Dorset for various reasons, including access to major primes and a vibrant supply chain supported by key associations like Maritime UK South West and the British Marine Federation. Our expert workforce and its appeal to foreign-owned businesses reiterate our global competitiveness. Academic institutions like Bournemouth University specialise in marine- related research, continuing the quest for talent and innovation.

Geographical advantages further bolster Dorset’s marine and maritime strengths, with two ports and three harbours providing strong links to Europe and situated between two South Coast Freeports of Plymouth & South Devon and Solent.

Embrace the maritime potential of Dorset, where every tide brings new opportunities, and innovation sets sail.


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