Agritech & Aquaculture

Dorset is a global hub for Agritech R&D and innovation, attracting overseas businesses for many compelling reasons. With over 13,000 people directly employed in the sector in Dorset (including agriculture) the region is charged by a vibrant sector valued at £440 million contributing significantly to the South West's Agri sector GVA of over £3 billion. The Agritech and Aquaculture sector has seen 44% GVA growth over the last five years. Notably, Dorset hosts world-class Agri-tech businesses, with Portland Port playing a pivotal role in handling substantial volumes of animal feeds and grains for both regional and international agricultural markets.

Businesses in Agritech and Aquaculture flock to Dorset for its advantageous location within the agriculturally rich South West and its excellent water quality. Support from key organisations like the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture (CEFAS), Maritime UK South West, South West Agritech, and South West Aquaculture Network (SWAN) further enhances Dorset’s capability in this sector.

Strong connectivity to mainland Europe and the Channel Islands, along with proximity to the Port of Southampton, reinforces Dorset’s position as a prime destination for Agritech and Aquaculture ventures. Additionally, the South West region proudly hosts a National Agritech centres of excellence.

Join us in Dorset, where tradition and innovation converge, shaping the future of sustainable and impactful Agritech and Aquaculture.


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